France, I wonder IGN slopes layer rather than Locus slopes layer

Franz P shared this idea 23 months ago
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Sorry, I didnt find a very similar topic.
For France, I regularly observe on the terrain that LOCUS MAPS slopes are much less accurate than IGN "slopes map"( or even Outdooractive slopes. I joined two examples (places) of screenshot (IGN, Outdooractive, Locus).
---- Would it be possible to easily access to those IGN slopes map/layer ?
---- Is there another way (wms/wmts??) to use those IGN slopes map/layer ? I do not find explanations about it.
I hike often off-trail (summer/winter), so despite the great qualities of Locus Maps and my GOLD subscription, I will use the Iphigénie app again if I cannot use the accurate slope layer (IGN "slopes map").
Anyway, thanks for your great app. I hope you 've got a solution.

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thank you for an idea. I really think that there was a WMS or WMTS service provided by IGN. But I can't find any useful info about it right now. Could I kindly ask you to check IGN site or contact IGN ans ask them for WMS / WMTS service that provide such layer?

Thank you for your help

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