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Open track from track list in route planner or from within route planner

Jan Götze shared this idea 14 months ago

When I want to edit an existing track, I need to open it from tracks folder. Then I tap the track on map what fixes me to one of the track point next to my tap. Then I need to tap to another position on the track and I get the 3 points menu at the left bottom. In this menu I can open the track in route planner.

My idea is to have an option to directly open the track in route planner in the track list.

Marking a track -> option "open in route planner".

When using LM 4 for route planning (which is the best tool for me) it's a little to much tapping to re-open a track to work on it. For example: planning the holiday route while planning overnights at the same time needs many days to finish it.

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After years of using LM I found this option now. Writing a forum topic helps my mind so often.

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Hi Jan,

I'm glad you found this option ;).

If anyone will search for this, so I'm including screenshot of how it looks ...


Jiří M. aka Menion


In "my" LM it's this button.

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