View barometric pressure on Locus Map

Dong-Geulami shared this idea 2 years ago
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Weather is important for outdoor activities. Locus Map allows you to view local weather separately, but it doesn't seem to show barometric pressure from the sensor on your smartphone (or am I unaware?)

It would be easier to respond to changes in the weather by displaying the barometric pressure and graphing the barometric pressure change from the time the app was used.

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this is a really interesting idea. Currently, it is not possible, so I've changed this question into an idea. This year, we will have to change the provider for the weather data so this idea is something, we may consider as well. Thanks.


Hello Menion,

Thanks for adopting it as an idea

Even if it is not immediately, if time passes and this function enters the locus map, it would be nice to activate a shower warning or message and sound if there is a sudden change in air pressure like in an outdoor watch.


Allowing temperature, wind speed and direction as a data source in dashboard would be great.

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