Offline access to snowmobile tracks in Sweden

Roy Evans shared this idea 20 months ago
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I am just back in UK from a ski touring trip in Sweden. In Sweden snowmobile tracks are a feature, marked with a red cross, stakes across lakes & so forth. On openstreetmaps, way[snowmobile=yes/designated/permissive ,

With the online map you show these at the highest resolution. In Sweden there is an online map from the scooter organisation. The openstreetmap data is reasonable tho not perfect.

I am on skis. In forests I want to know where the tracks are so I can get through them. When there is significant fresh snow my going is easier if I follow a snowmobile track. When the snow is old I went out of my way to avoid snowmobile tracks.

Sweden - cell coverage is good but not great. Offline maps please.

I did not work out a good way of highlighting the snowmobile routes without a PC. My phone doesn't have much memory & overpass turbo queries make very large web pages. Also If I extract the ways with overpass & use them as routes, Locus struggles to open large route files.

.. can you add the snowmobile routes to the offline locus map under the ski theme ?

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thank you for an idea. We'll consider rendering of the snowmobile tracks for the next generation of offline LoMaps.

Thanks, Petr

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