Freemap Locus Addon problem

Patrik Sistik shared this problem 7 months ago


Recently Freemap disappeared from my map list. I have tried to reinstal the addon, but after installing it I receive the following error. I suppose its related to the ANDROID 11+ shared directory problem.

Is there any workarround/fix in plan, or I can say goodbye to Freemap completely?

Using Locus Map 3xx

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Your screenshot indicates the private folder of Locus, where it has unrestricted access.

You can use x-plore or TC or Solid Exploreer (granting them access privilege) to have a look into this folder. Remove a pot. corpse of that tmp file and try again. Beyond that I am out of ideas for direct fix. However, you can always download the map from their website directly into your Android download folder and use one of the above file managers to extract to the right Locus folder.



PS: same works via PC and USB connect


Hello Patrik,

Michael wrote almost everything. This is a technical restriction not simply solvable.

It depends on Martin (author of this add-on) if he will want to invest more time into this because there are more or less working alternatives. Some communication directly with the Locus Map instead of direct access to the app data directory, also so-called Locus Actions. Anyway, the add-on as is now, most probably can't work correctly, sorry.

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