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Track exports on Android 11+

Guest shared this problem 2 years ago

I'm running Locus Map v3.59.0 on a phone with Android 12. I'm aware of all the restrictions of access to the file system starting with Android 11+.

But anyway I tried to Automatic export tracks into a folder just below the phones main directory, e.g. "Mainstorage > Locus Export". And to my surprise this (partially) worked! The tracks' .gpx file has been created. What is missing is the sub folder containing the media (photos, videos) I recored during tracking. During automatic export a message popped up:"Unable to create a directory"

So my question: Why is Locus allowed to write files but not to create a directory within the mainstorage? And would it be possible to enabale creating directories too despite Android 11+ restrictions?

(Of course the export including creation of tracks' media directory to Locus' private folder is working. But I'm intersted if this still could be done to a custom folder of the mainstorage too)

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So is Locus v3 on Android 11+ able/allowed to read and write from any custom folder in the mainstorage dispite Andoids' restrictions?

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