Visual bugs in Locus Map 4, GIS

Arthur shared this problem 7 months ago

Issues seems to be coming from the dark theme implementation.

Some example problems:

  • Icons are black, including text
  • Font shadows (?) are same color as font
  • If light theme is used, even more icons appear with a black font (e.g. zoom icons)
  • (Not sure if this is a bug) Double tapping on map only toggles the track recorder as opposed to whole UI in previous version
  • Map overlay lags and makes app unusable (ghosting effect)
  • When moving crosshair across map, all map icons flicker between inverted and non-inverted states (includes zoom in bubble)

I will keep updating this list as I discover more issues.

Device: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

Android: 10 QKQ1.190825.002

MIUI: 12.0.6

Locus Map 4: 4.8.2

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Files: out.mp4

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this is a problem of Xiaomi's system dark mode which is too agressive. Please exclude Locus Map from the system dark mode (system settings > display > dark mode).


Hi Michal,

Thank you so much for the prompt response and getting to the bottom of the issue.

Now I know why some app's dark theme is so bad (thanks, Xiaomi).

Should I open a separate thread for non dark mode related issues mentioned? (e.g. overlay ghosting)



Hi Arthur,

"Double tapping on map only toggles the track recorder as opposed to whole UI in previous version"

- check your settings of the UI elements visibility/hiding in settings > controlling > panels&buttons > visibility

"Map overlay lags and makes app unusable (ghosting effect)"

- does this happen even with the system dark mode turned off? Does this happen also with other types of overlay maps?

As for Xiaomi, its newest MIUI 13 is fixed regarding the dark mode.


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