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Youp Hyun shared this question 25 days ago

Would it be possible to remove add trackers (AppsFlyer and Google AdMob) from a pro/premium version of the app?

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AppsFlyer analytics solution is helping us to better understand how users are installing our app and which features are used most which is essential in helping us to make correct decision on development priorities to be sure, that our time spent on the development will be beneficial to most of our users.

Google AdMob is service to provide in-app advertisement for non-premium users. It is not possible to remove code from the app when you enable Premium features unfortunately.

However, privacy topics are one of our main priorities, and that is why we chose AppsFlayer as it meets the highest standards in the industry. We are continuously trying to make sure our app access or collect only mandatory data to cover the needs of running our background services and further improvements.

I hope this answers your question.

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