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Unable to view purchased OS map on laptop

Karen Thirlaway shared this problem 2 years ago
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NEW USER - please be patient as I'm still adjusting to the app and am not a techie.

I have purchased Locus Pro Gold and have additionally purchased Locoins in order to buy an OS map (Hadrian’s Wall). The map is accessible on my phone but not on my laptop, which means I am unable to plot accurate routes from my laptop. The image attached shows a track I followed within the area of the Hadrian’s Wall map, yet when I view it on the laptop app and click on the maps icon, the only options available are the LoMap and Satellite map. Can you advise how I can view the purchased OS map from the laptop app, as I cannot see any other option on the Planner page that might show it.

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unfortunately, custom maps isn't available in the web planner. It is technically impossible to use "any" map here.

We want to add some more maps soon, but it will be again global maps for more universal use.

In general - Web planner is still only a web page and can't do the same as dedicated application. We want to get as close as possible, but servers has their limits.

In your case could help creating route in the Web Planner and then in the phone only adjusting this route to exact points.

Hope it helps.

Have a nice day.

Zdenek, Locus team


Well that's disappointing as it's one of the main features I liked about Viewranger and Outdoor Active. It does make me wonder if they can give access to OS maps in their web app, why can't Locus? I would have thought a high number of users would want an accurate method of planning routes on a larger screen rather than a phone. Your suggestion to plan a basic route in the planner and adjust on my phone isn't practical, I'm afraid. I'll be cancelling my subscription as Locus lacks a key feature I'm looking for.

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