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When viewing the address on the map by long-clicking, the detailed address does not appear.

Dong-Geulami shared this problem 2 years ago

I use two smartphones: Samsung Note 8 and Note 20.

In Note 8, if you long-click, the detailed address appears, but in Note 20, it does not appear.

Before that, I asked a question about this, but I didn't see the Note 8 at that time, but looking at it today, the address does not appear in detail only on the Note 20

What is the cause?


ㄴNote 20


ㄴNote 8

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please, go to the "Settings > Misc. > Source of online address search" and check if there is the same provider selected.

Let me know if it helps.

Zdenek, Locus team


Thank you for your reply

I found the cause and fixed it

I install and use LoMap, which can be used in Korea and Japan.

After deleting the db file used with this map, the address is retrieved well with the Google search engine used to show the address in Locus.

It would be good if the address in the db file is detailed, but it seems like there is a problem because it is not detailed. Please take a look at this part and solve it.

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