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Kálóczi Kanóc Antal shared this problem 5 days ago
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the program has repeatedly failed to find a gps signal at startup. when you later find the gps signal, you will randomly draw a trail. which would be okay if you put it around the route you traveled. but today he was counting just 10 km of deviation in a matter of minutes. I hadn’t even set off (I was standing next to my bike in the yard) and I already found myself in the neighboring village.

now it happened with locus map 4, but i also encountered the same problem with locus map 3 classic.

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Hi Antal,

- firstly, please get Locus Map permission for all-time access to location and exclude Locus from all means of battery optimization so that the app can run in the background. Instructions on how to do it are summed up here: or here:

- Locus Map processes location from the data it receives from your phone GPS. If the data are incorrect or contain huge deviations, then the resulting elevation gain is also incorrect. Locus Map, however, offers a few methods on how to limit these deviations.

Open Locus settings > GPS&sensors:

  • Location filter > select medium or heavier filter
  • Google Services assisted location > turn it ON
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > SRTM data - select "Optimize GPS values" or "Replace GPS values"
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Pressure sensor > turn ON (if available)
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Altitude filter - select medium or heavier filter


Michal Stupka, Locus team



thanks for the answer!

I gave you the permissions a long time ago, I checked the settings and what wasn't the way you wrote it was changed. i will try and signal if something is not working well.

Have a nice day!



today again the program did not find a gps signal and again a distance of about 8 km was drawn as a start to start, while the actual distance is 1.5 km. could it somehow not be possible for the program not to guess but to start recording from where it received the signal? this route drawn in an overhead line makes no sense.

thanks in advance for s help!


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