Points created in web planer are not visible by default in mobile app

vsespb shared this problem 10 months ago

If I create a point in mobile app, it's immediately visible.

If I create a point in web planer and then sync with mobile app, it's hidden. To make it visible one need to find it in list of points, and toggle crossed eye icon.

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Another problem when creating points is that it closes the opened route:

1. Open a route in planner (I open it to see route line, timing, elevation, speed to find points on route I wish to save).

2. Create a desired point

3. Route closed. Need to open it again.


Hi, have a look into synchronization settings (tracks/points screen -> "cloud icon on the top" -> settings button on the bottom). You can switch on/off if you want to see newly created points/tracks on the map.


"creating points closes opened route" - yes, it is desired behavior. You can pres "eye" button on the track to keep it displayed even when being out of track detail ;).

Kind regards, Ondrej


thx. that's it!


I am glad that I could help :)

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