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Multi channel GNSS and Locus Pro 4.x

sl91 shared this question 23 months ago


I am a Locus pro 4 member gold user. It is installed on a Samsung Note 10+ smartphone which comes with a mutli channel capable GNSS receiver as shown by GPSTest app. Android version is 12 (Samsung One UI 4.1). These are my questions:

1- In locus Pro, is it possible to choose the GNSS (GPS, Galileo,...) and to switch on or off the multichannel capability ?

2- If the answer to the previous question is NO. Is it because of the way of how the position coordinates are derived from the GNSS's signals. I mean, is this a "black box" or an API and therefore can not be modified by the app developer ?

3- If the answer to question #1 is Yes, why is it not yet implemented in the app in order to get the corresponding otions in the settings menu ? For exemple, these settings can be found in the multichannel GNSS handheld Garmin devices range (GPSMap 66sr,...)

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Locus Map 4 and Locus Map Classic (Pro) share the same GNSS system in the background so what I write fits both apps.

Access to the device location on the Android is a black box by intent. The device itself tries to use as many satellites and channels as possible and we, as the app developers, do not have an influence on this.

If you open the app skyplot screen, you may see that some satellites have a small "*" character next to their number. This symbol indicates that this satellite use multiple channels at once.


Hope this answers all your questions. Otherwise, feel free to ask me, I'll gladly help.

Jiří M. aka Menion



Thank you for the clarification. So now, I am able to see if the positionning system is using or not the multichanneling. May be it would be useful to have a better visualisation of the multichannel capabilty in a future version of Locus app. This is really useful for hikers when the reception conditions are bad. I attach a file to this answer in order to show what I mean (photo credits: Garmin )

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