Create second map (Sweden Landmäteriet) for offline use

pascal shared this problem 4 months ago
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I was able to create a first map for offline use, by selecting the outline of the map area.

Now I would like to create a second offline map, also within Sweden. However, no such option is offered.

When I click "+" (add map), then Sweden, then "Landmäteriet topo map", it is checked as downloaded, and I do not find a way to select another area to create an additional map.

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I tried the suggested procedure (

Unfortunately, I cannot resume the download on the next day. When I click "continue", I get an error saying "Unknown problem with the map". I then deleted the map and tried again, with the same result.



if you need to download the map per parts, please select the option "Supplementary download (SQL)" in the download dialog. More at

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