Show visible and all waypoint in Geocache overview

Wolfgang shared this idea 10 months ago


what about to add an extra number of visible waypoints of a Geocache.

When I do a with stages I always hide this stages I already finished. I would be great to have a quick view how many waypoints are left to do. And there are also other reason why I'd like such a information on the quick view.

If a Geocache has e.g. 10 waypoint and only 3 are visible somethign like:

3/10 or

3 (10) or

3 of 10

would be great. See also screenshot.

Thanks Wolfgang

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Hello Wolfgang,

agree it may be useful. Will be updated in the next app version. Thanks for the idea.


Awesome. Thanks for that :)


Additional info: because of problems on smaller devices (problem with space for texts like 9/10), I had to reduce this functionality on the screens with resolution smaller than 1440x1080. Maybe I'll get any idea how to remove this limitation later ...

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