Can't share live position even though premium

Henrik Wallentin shared this problem 4 months ago


A friend of mine is riding bike through sweden to raise money for the ALS cure, good cause :-)

He has a andoid phone and when he shares the link of live tracking the link doesn't show his position. Instead a dialog shows "Enter private group code". He has selected "Share with all". Why doesn't that work?

This is the link:

On his live position it says "remaining time" 00:00, what does that mean?

Attached pictures of configuration, sorry for being in swedish...

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Hi Henrik,

it seems there are two different services being mixed here:

- public Live tracking

- my LIVE location (as can be seen on the first picture)

Whereas the Public Live tracking is a multi-directional service, i.e. all participants see each other either on the web or within the app, My LIVE location is only one-directional - the public sees the user sharing his location on the web (only, nowhere else), the user sees nobody.

Now the question is where your friend is sharing the link from?

- the link from "My live location" is always public

- only a link to a private group in Live tracking requires the entry code


Hi Michal

He is sharing it from his android phone in the locus app on the link I marked with red in attached picture, that looks like to be the "My live location" right?

So if I understand you that should be the correct place to share from to let anyone with the link to see where he is on the web?

Files: 3.png

Hi Henrik,

a better option is to use Live tracking with a private group - here you don't have to restore the duration of the session. More at

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