Web planner: adress with building number and time graph for planed tour.

Dawid Respondek shared this question 10 months ago


I have 2 question regarding Yours web planer.

1st. I'm wondering if this is a issue or this function is missing in web planer, but I can't search for address including building number. Screenshot attached. This issue only exist in web planer, in application all looks ok.

2nd. After planing tour in web planer Time graph is empty. Is there any possibility to predict duration of this travel and plot it on that graph.

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Hi Dawid,

1. Thank you for your feedback! I have checked this case and I have found minor bug in webplanner causing this item not to appear. Fix should be in production in one to two weeks.

2. Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. There is one possible workaround to trigger router to recalculate it. Select different routing profile -> "recalculate all" button will appear. Then you will have to select original routing profile and press again "recalculate all". Keep in mind that route can change (change of data or routing algorithm)

Kind regards, Ondrej

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