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When i tried to IMPORT a .shp file it cast MISTAKE

Pedro Gibbons Martinic shared this problem 12 months ago

Hello everyone.

Last night I downloaded the app Locus Map and I have a problem when im trying to IMPORT a .shp file... It turns out that I get a message that says (in spanish):

"Error finding any importable point or path in file(s)

Do you want to load and display content on the map?"

Either i press YES or NO does not appear anything. Sorry if it's something basic, but the company gave it to me the plans in that format and I can't open the file even though they recommended me to use this app. Best regards from Chile, Thank u all!

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I found this topic about the issue.

It is already 3 years old but maybe it is still not possible to import SHP-files in Locus Map.

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