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Adam Jacobs shared this idea 22 months ago
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Another Viewranger refugee here, and very happy I found Locus Maps, it seems to do everything I could do in Viewranger (plus one or 2 things I couldn't, which is nice).

But one thing I could do in Viewranger which it looks like I can't do in Locus Maps, and which I miss, is using premium maps with the online planner.

Would it be possible to give an option of using premium maps (for example Ordnance Survey) in the online planner on your website if I've already purchased them?

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we definitely want to increase number of supported maps on our web portal in the future, but for sure can't promise that we will be able to offer here whole maps library as seen on our mobile app. It remains to be seen what maps we will be able to implement there including the one you mentioned.

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