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Importing Geocaching bookmark faile with "take cannot be greater than 50"

Martyn shared this problem 22 months ago

For a few weeks (maybe months) I've been getting errors when trying to import bookmarks from into Geocaching2Locus, at first it only failed occasionally, but now it fails almost every time.

The import will start and is usually OK for lists with less than about 100 caches, but anything with several hundred will fail with :

Geocaching Live returns invalid response: take cannot be greater than 50
Do you want to continue with partially received data to Locus Map?

If I choose to continue then it will import varying numbers of caches, but usually more than 50.

I'm running Locus Map Classic, V3.61.0, with Geocaching4Locus v3.0.7, and I have ticked the box to send an error report a few times.

I've checked my API quotas on, and I'm able to download several hundred caches at a time using the "Nearest" function, and I don't have any issues with other tools which use the API to download caches.

TIA for any help.

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same issue reported here.


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