OpenAndroMaps do not show pathtext of highway=path

jtkorken shared this problem 3 months ago

Hello Locus-Team,

I'm so satisfied with using Locus, that I started to create my own Vector-Style-File for OpenAndroMaps. Having a hard time time to get into the matter, I'm now making quite good progress. Unfortunatly I found out, that for some weird reason LOCUS does NOT render <pathtext> for OSM-tagged ways <highway=path> does nicely for <highway=track> though???

Cruiser app on my PC does show it as expected (same style file and same *.map file).

Any idea...I really would appreciated a way to display <highway=path> pathtext!

Thanks a lot in advance

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Hello again,

I have to correct my statement...the described problem does only seem to exist with my SAMSUNG FOLD 3 on both screens (Android 12).

All my other devices do indeed show <highway=path> PATHTEXT as expected !!! My SAMSUNG S20 FE5G (Android 12), my SAMSUNG S5e Tablet (Android 11) and even my old SAMSUNG A3 (2017, Android 8) doing ok!

Well, I'm afraid this does not make it easier for you.

Regards, James


Two things which come to my mind:

1) Are you using the same version of a map on all devices? Pathnames can be added or removed within the OpenStreetMaps source data and hence be there on an older version and got removed on a newer version of OpenAndroMaps.

2) Did you install the latest Version of "Elevate 5" Map Style? on all phones?

And have you switched to the "Hiking"-Theme on each of them? Cause it could be possible that not within each theme (e.g. "City") path names are shown.


Hello Sonny,

thanks for commenting...but as I wrote (not that clear I admit :-))

1) my OWN Style file (yes, based on Elevate for sure), installed on all devices

2) same MAPS everywhere

But as I also wrote in my 2nd comment, it seems to be device specific.

Thanks again



Sonny was right, I was wrong...although it was the same area on different devices (Germany-North), with the OAM End of May download it was ok again, while with the OAM April Download the issue seems to be somewhere within the OAM-Map, NOT Locus. Issues resolved!

Thanks Sonny

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