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Cache detail window - new choice for Quick button

Cyklo Miro shared this idea 20 months ago

Cache detail window

Quick button 1, 2, 3

there are 4 choices to do

- Help, Log cache, Notes, Context menu

When searching for caches, I am first interested in the Guide Here (Navádět sem) option

Please add new choice for quick button option - Guide here

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these bottom quick buttons were made mainly in the old Locus Map Classic because the geocaching menu was too far in the top right corner. The situation is a little different in the Locus Map 4 and they are not so much needed anymore.

And I believe that with "guide on", available right next to under the "Navigation" button, it is the same. Currently, all guidance features are available under two clicks which is from my point of view still perfectly acceptable. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, of course I use the procedure "Navigation" -> "Guide On". This is my first step in finding a cache. My solution would save one click. It would definitely help me if I hold a mobile phone in one hand or have it on my bike

The function "Quick button" already exists, just add another item to choice. I believe that adding the 5th choice "Guide On" option to the already established won't take as much programming work :-)

Thank you

Mirek / Cyklo Miro

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