LM Classic: size of the font for the top control bar

Konrad Demmel shared this problem 12 days ago
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is there a way to change the size of the font for the top control bar?

As it is currently set, the display below is getting a little truncated for me.

I work with the Galaxy A72 and use Locus Mapp Classic.

Greeting, Konrad

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Hi Konrad,

Locus takes the font size from your phone system settings (at the moment - we'll change this as it makes trouble as we can see here). So you can do the following:

- either choose a smaller font in your system

- or resize the Locus top panel. It is possible in the app's configuration file "config.cfg" placed in /Locus/ main directory. Open the file in any text editor and change the value to more than "1" (maybe 1.1 or 1.2 will do):


- save the config.cfg and restart the app



the problem that text is cut off in height or in width does not only occur in my example. Yes, it is better if the font is too big than if the font is too small. But if writing cannot be read completely, it would be better if it were a little smaller and could be read.



Fixed problem by changing font size in smartphone.

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