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Gamal Abdel Naser Correa shared this problem 3 months ago
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Hello Everybody!!

I have an issue when I try to proyect a map on locus map (android) that y created from a tiff using MAPC2MAPC.

What you can see in the images is the proyection of the map that I whant to use on locus, if you look closely you can see a large amount of red spots and if a do some zoom in on the image you can see a lot of white square with reds X's.

So, my question is ¿What happen with the map to look like that? what i do wrong?

what i do with the MAPC2MAPC is to load the tiff image, previously proyected with arcgis, and transforming the image to a .sqlitedb file.


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this is more question on the creator of Mapc2mapc SW. But as I know these read 'X' are added into into maps created in free (demo) version of Mapc2mapc.

Thanks, Petr

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