How to change/hide routepoint style?

Ari Cooper-Davis shared this question 9 months ago


I've tried to search the documentation and these forums but haven't found an answer, I'm sorry if I've overlooked something!

All of my GPX files consist of a route <rte> made up of routepoints <rtept>. When I import them into Locus (Classic) I can put them in a folder and they can adopt the linestyle of that folder. However I don't seem to be able to change the style of, or hide, the routepoints themselves. As such they show up as black dots, almost entirely obscuring the line.

Is it possible to change routepoints style in folders, or even as tracks, rather than having to change each routepoint in a track one by one which is clearly impractical?

Thanks so much for the help, I absolutely love the app.


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"All of my GPX files consist of a route <rte> made up of routepoints <rtept>"

Before import into Locus map:

Convert the GPX route files to tracks <trk> with trackpoints <trkpt> by;

Put all the gpx routes into a folder and compress into zip file.

Import this zip file in gps visualizer.

In advanced options set "Convert to tracks only". See gif.


By Gps Visulalizer push convert to gpx file.

In the single exproted gpx file find mulitple tracks.

Import this gpx file than into Locus map.


Thank you, that's a very good tip, <trk>s with <trkpt>s don't display the trackpoints, which is handy.

However the files I'm importing aren't tracks, they're routes, so I'd rather be able to load them in as such and edit the trackpoints in bulk. I could change this ticket to a feature request?


Hi Ari,

the default routepoint/waypoint icon can be changed in expert settings. See more at


But still it is not a good idea to import routes with very many waypoints. (ViewRanger ?)

These are for Locus each time via waypoints and will slow down the import significantly for longer routes.

I think there is also no Icon that is fully 'transparent' available in the Locus map app.

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