Popup use photo as POI icon or not

balloni55 shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback

it is very cumbersome to decide for each POI with photo if the photo should be used as POI icon.

Please add a selection box instead of the popup


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Hello balloni,

may you please explain your idea a little more? Currently, this question is displayed at the moment, you add a new photo to the point where no photo exists right? Then this question is quite clear and happens only as a result of user action.


Yes the question is clear but superfluous as a popup.

Why should I make this decision for every added POI image which I do not want.

My suggestion create a selection box in which the user can select this option if he wants to


Thanks balloni, understand and agree.

I just currently do not have proper UI components for this task, so added it to the list of "Improve point screen" tasks for now.

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