Download offline map with same area/tileset as already downloaded different map

Lopus shared this idea 9 months ago

Dear Locus team,

I love the option to not just download a rectangular offline map as many other apps offer it but that you allow to define and customize areas along tracks and points. Saves so much time, storage and data!

I have one suggestion which would make downloading offline maps even more convenient (maybe I didn't see the option yet?):

along with current view, area, country, tracks and points it would be amazing to be able to choose an already downloaded offline map. Then the exact same tileset is downloaded and there is no need to define the area again.

I often download different maps for the same area as the map details vary especially when crossing borders.

This is also very helpful when using overlays such as Strava Global Heatmap or slopes.

Thanks a lot and best regards


Edit: another option could be to select multiple maps to be downloaded before selecting/defining the area.

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Hello Vincent,

this is a complicated idea. We discussed the downloading of raster maps a few days ago and the major thought was, that if we start to create Locus Map now, we should never create this feature. In current times, when vector maps in the app are really fast and really small (size on the disk), except few cases with some unique maps, there is no general need to download raster maps tile-by-tile.

In your case, "Strava Heatmap" is a little "unofficial" solution and slopes may be enabled directly in the app without the need to download map tiles (anyway here I have to say that slope in the is not so precise as may be "slope tiles" from any web server).

So in the end, sorry, but as is clear from my previous text: there are no plans to improve the raster tile downloader because, from my point of view, it does not worth the work. Thanks for understanding.


Hi Menion,

thanks for your reply - I totally understand that it is a lot of work to implement such feature.

Just a few general thoughts on my use cases:

"there is no general need to download raster maps tile-by-tile"

I actually don't see an alternative to downloading raster maps:

When I am mountaineering e.g. on a glacier, I use the best maps available. These are in my case mostly raster maps. As many providers often stop "precise" mapping at (their) country border, I download several maps from different providers covering the same area to get as many details as I can for offline usage.

Providers of raster maps often have a different focus on details: some are good with glacier crevasses, others show every track and path and not only the official ones, a third one might be awesome in providing terrain details.

Strava was just one example of a map I usually like to download (to make sure I can see "where people are around"). But more importantly it is about having different official maps from several providers downloaded for offline usage.

Maybe you could explain if there is a better approach?

As a workaround for my idea "use-area-of-already-downloaded-map" I can use the POIs option, little bit more work but not too bad either.


Hello Vincent,

if you search for specific maps and have own set of maps useful here and there, there is hardly better solution. There exists vector maps, LoMaps in Locus Store with own themes and some maps on the internet also with custom themes (suggest to try for example OpenAndroMaps project). Suggest to check them, but if none will fit your needs, you will have to stick with raster maps for now. Or convince map creators to include missing details :).

About downloading, Maybe if you draw in the route planner a "route" as area you are interested in, it may be re-used for downloading multiple maps. Just a tiny suggestion.

Best regards,

Jiří M. aka Menion


Yes, POIs or tracks defining an area will do the trick I guess.

Thanks for your replies!

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