Adding E-mail/Phone/URL to point: Field selection hidden behind keyboard and out of screen

Georg D shared this problem 7 days ago
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In Locus 3.61.0 (same in older versions) I open one of my personal points, call edit, do something in the description and scroll down to button "add another field" & press it. Now, the pop up menu allowing to select E-mail, Phone or URL does appear but that pop-up menu is

  1. always behind the on-screen-keyboard (in my case AnySoftKeyboard v1.11-r1)
  2. below screen bottom if description is longer

See videos

The workaround is to first close the keyboard, then press button "add another field" – but it's nasty to run again and again into the bug, hence the report.

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please what phone and version of Android do you have?

I can't replicate your issue.

Zdenek, Locus team


Hi Zdenek, the screen recording is of Fairphone 3 with Android 10 Build 8901.3A.0136 – but as mentioned, I observe the issue since years, so it shall not be related too much to Android version. Cheers, Georg

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