Track overview does not use the base map or what is visible incl. overlays, but some crappy vector

Michael Bechtold shared this problem 11 months ago
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Track overview does not use the base map or what is visible incl. overlays, but some crappy vector. Trip length about 200 km.

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please can you send me a screenshot?

Thumbnails of the routes and track overviews as well are (or should be) generated from offline LoMaps.

Thank you.

Zdenek, Locus team


Hi Zdenek,

just tried to prepare the material for you and found another weird effect:

- yesterday I could reproduce maybe 5 times (with world map active or not, overlay active or not, ...) and always had these crappy vector map thumbnail on the left part of the overview

- right now the vector map base is OAM, but part of the thumbnail is white, as two OAM maps are meeting right in the middle, and only one is taken as base for the thumbnail by Locus. So, Locus does NOT take the LoMaps as a base (sometimes ...)

I am attaching also the full screen share (scaled down to meet 2MB limit) - this is how thumbnails should look like. I mean whatever the user sees prior to invoking the overview share.

And it should be easy to achieve: internally decrease zoom level by two, use the full screen share function and crop the middle of that to fit in the thumbnail space. Right side info pane unchanged.

This is how a consistent share would work, and it is not hard, as Locus has all the bits and pieces (algorithms) at hand already.

TXs and cheers



Anybody out there ? Zdenek?


Hello Michael,

overviews or thumbnails never used "what is visible" and I still think it is not a good idea. Vector maps offer needed flexibility over zoom levels and better detection of coverage. In your case, it is an interesting problem, because the overview should also use the auto-loading system so the bottom empty area should not happen. Maybe the problem is because the weird river that goes far above the country borders to the bottom and that prevents auto-loading to work correctly.

This is a little complicated task to fix because I need to simulate it on my own device. So I need a track to display and the list of vector maps in the area you have downloaded. If you are interested in the fix, let me know, thanks.


TXs für coming back on on this, Menion.

A track overview has (only) two potential objectives: document for yourselves, or proudly share with others.

In both cases the principle "what you see is what you get" is key. It took IT professionals decades to get there, but since nearly 30 years this is the gold standard.

Why go back in time ;-) ?



PS: as you can screenshot in the sister function already, it is pretty easy to implement, I suppose.


The resolution of the track thumbnail is really really small and there is no guarantee, that some raster maps will have the necessary zoom level. Because of this, a vector map is ideal.

With the track overview, the situation is similar.

In both cases, the app needs to create a new instance of the map rendering system and detect the map that should be used. This detection seems to have some problems, at least in your case.

WYSIWYG, of course > makes sense for the screenshot. Overview and thumbnail is a little bit different story ;)

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