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shams am shared this question 3 months ago

Hi. Is there any possibilities to buy Locus Map 4 subscription without use of Google account? I am from Russian Federation and Google doesn't allow to pay for applications from here.

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sorry for this inconvenience but Google has resolved to stop distributing updates of paid apps in Russia to protest against the invasion of Ukraine. See We support this decision but on the other hand, we understand that many ordinary Russians have nothing in common with this act of aggression and strongly disagree with it.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no other possible way of payment for the Premium subscription or for Locus Map Classic than via Google Play. We are developing our own Google-free solution though but it is still a long way to go. Hopefully we'll launch it in the autumn of this year.


While there is no quick solution for the reasons above, you at least can use free maps with POIs from They do not allow offline address search, though.

And it does not close the gap re. the other nice Locus pro or subscription features, yet better than nothing - maybe.

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