Transparency setting for custom overlay maps

Lopus shared this idea 2 years ago
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Dear all,

I played a bit with the map overlay/background in the providers.xml and it works great so far and stacking multiple maps over each others works fine, too.

<provider id='1001' type='0' visible='true' required='true' background='-1'>...</provider>
<provider id='1002' type='0' visible='true' required='true' background='1001'>...</provider>
<provider id='1003' type='0' visible='true' required='true' background='1002'>...</provider>
I was wondering if I can apply transparency to the layers? Couldn't find anything in the manual or forum.

This would be really great as this is the only way in Locus I know of (without using external software) where I can stack more than two maps over each other.

Maybe as a numeric value for the "visible" key?

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Hello Lopus,

interesting idea. Currently, no such option exists in the app and all maps are displayed with 100% transparency. It is anyway doable so I'll keep this idea open for voting if more people will be interested.

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