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Locus Map on Garmin Tread 8" works :-)

Moto Dirk shared this question 23 months ago

Dear all,

Dear Mocus Map Team,

Thanks for this nice navigation app! Good work!

I use Locus Map already on the Garmin DEZL 1000. Than on Carpe Iter 7" tablet and Panasonic FZ-A3 10".

The DEZL is not bright enough too use on the motorcycle. The Panasonic must be used horizontal, so you have problems with the sun too. The Carpe Iter 7" is best choise.

I chouse now the Garmin Tread 8" with Android 10 (not full, without Google service). The Garmin Tread 8" comes with same size and weight like the Carpe Iter 7". But with one inch more at display ;-)

Locus Map works well on the Garmin Tread 8". So 10" will work too. Important is you use a email for registration. I use this email for registration on my cellpfone parallel. For road navigation I use LoMaps online and WMS/WMTS Maps from France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. LoMaps offline is a litte bit different against the online version but works too.

Dashboard works too. Maps with online paying do not work.

One works with a negative pop up message, turn-by-turn navigation. It works but it looks Locus Map must wait too long for the GPS data. The navigation run but sometimes a blue message (Waiting for GPS information) show up. Question, is there an option too adjust the timing? That way that Locus Map wait longer for this information.

Best regards


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I have an second issue.

Locus offer " Sharing"

I want to use: share with 'Other map apps'

The other map app is the internal Garmin map app. After selecting the waipoint you can choose under 'other map apps' the Garmin Navigation. Than LocusMap forward the notes to Garmin map app. LocusMap send coordiantes and a name in brackets. But Garmin can only handle the coordiantes. I must delete all text after the coordiantes everytime.

Is there an otion to abjust the configuration? That only the the coordiantes will forward?

Many thanks


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