Edit Track is gone from Track menu

Zand shared this problem 2 months ago


When semi-stationary on a point when Recording, for a coffee or something I never Pauze track becaus you always forget to Restart.

Track Recoding is going in al direction due to lost or bad GPS (inside) or just moving around.

I always cut these points and Locus connected the Track as if there was no stop.

Only lately I found out that the Edit Track option is gone from the menu (see attached) in both Maps Classic and Maps 4 (sorry, but I really prefer the "old" Classic UI).

What am I doing wrong?

Also in the online Planner I could not figure how to cut points in a existing recorded track.

Greetings, Pim

(GOLD user)

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this function is still available. It was only renamed to "Fine-tune".

And it will be renamed again in the next version to "Edit track".

There was a big discussion on the forum, sorry for the confusion.


Zdenek, Locus team


Sorry for the delay in answer...

Found it, called "Bewerk Track" = Edit Track again.

Should have looked at the icon better before, was there in the first place as you mention... "Nauwkerige afstemming" = Fine Tune.

Good to have named it "Edit Track" again. Thanx

Greetings, Pim

(keep up the good work, Locus is best hiking tracker out there)

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