Problem with changing multiple POI Icons on the cloud server / web planner

Phil Catterall shared this problem 23 months ago


I moved over to Locus 4 from Locus Classic yesterday. First impressions, as a former Viewranger user are great, thanks to you now providing server / cloud / web planner support on Locus 4. The only problem I have had so far is in changing multiple POI icons. The multiple icon change takes effect in the app on phone and tablet no problem but the icons are not changed on the cloud server. The only way I can then change the icon on the cloud server is to go into the specific individual icon in the app points manager on the phone, select the POI and click on save in the bottom right corner for each icon. The change takes effect on the server immediately when I update for that single icon. However with around 1000 summit icons to change it would take a long time to change every one individually!

I will attach a small GPX file of POIs in Luxembourg as an example, and screen shots of the Icons I am trying to change on the server. The default icon is opaque (e.g. GM/SS-001) and difficult to see on the cloud version of the Lo-Maps which is why I feel it necessary to change the icon to the blue Garmin hiker one (e.g. GM/SS-009) with more colour in it.

Thank you

Phil Catterall

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Hello again

However I have found that the footsteps icon does import on to the server planner map, but still the Garmin blue walker icon does not. So it appears that specific icon is not importing when the icon is changed in a group but the footsteps icon is.

Hope that helps you fix it.



Hi Phil,

thank you very much for giving us trust and using Locus Map 4. I have checked your data and I am not sure why it is not working. I would help me a lot if you could check for me URL of the icon that is not shown on the we planner. I am attaching screenshot how to do it. First of all active Developer Console in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and then proceed by the steps marked in the screenshot.

1) active "element picker" tool

2) select one of the icon that is not displayed

3) check the highlighed code for image URL

Send me the screenshot or copy the image URL

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,




Hello Ondrej

I hope I have what you need attached to investigate this issue. Seems I chose a bad icon with the blue walker! I tested also using a red triangle which I like, and that icon came over to the web planner on PC no problem when I uploaded from my device to the cloud server.

The two attached files – one screen shot is of the code for opaque icon, and the other is the data for the blue icon which I updated individually.  I hope I have provided the information you need. If not please tell me what I need to do and I can try again.

Many thanks



Hello again Ondrej

Don’t worry if you cannot fix the issue with the blue walker icon. I am happy to adopt the red triangle instead. There is no problem in that icon displaying in the planner when the app updates to the server.

I’m loving the new version, very glad I decided to try it out. Thanks to you and the team for all the work involved.

Cheers, Phil


Hello Phil, thank you very much for you fast reply and kind words about Locus Map - we really appropriate it.

Your screenshots helped me a lot and I was able to identify the problem. Unfortunately it will take some time to fix it. The problem is that imported points contain icon that is not supported. In the app it fallbacks to the icon of the folder but on the web it results in "not found" issue. I am investigating with the team best way how to fix it. In the mean time, the best approach is to change icons using batch update. See attached screenshots ;)

Kind regards, Ondrej




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