Locus for Garmin disconnects after a while

Martin Hanzalek shared this problem 21 months ago
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Hi, I'm facing a following problem: I installed Locus for Garmin on my watches and the appropriate app on the phone alongside the Locus Maps. When I start "navigation" on Locus maps, the app on the watches correctly shows the direction to the nearest waypoint, but after several minutes it disconnects from the phone ("Connection lost, reconnect your Garmin to phone") and I have to wake up the phone (basically turn on the display or place my finger on the fingerprint reader). This kind of breaks the possiblity to put the phone with navigation to the pocket and use only the watches for checking the direction to the next waypoint. What an I doing wrong? Why is Locus disconnection/going to sleep? Is there a way how to prohibit this behaviour?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi, this means battery management system in your phone put the apps to deep sleep to prevent battery drain. Every year manufacturer makes this more strict. Same say they are returning phones from smartphone era to dump phone era...

But in most cases there are still ways how to prevent this. Please check setting in your phone and set Locus Map and Locus Map for Garmin to run in the background without system "battery optimisations".

Hope this helped.

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