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Organizing raster maps

Martin Stevenson shared this problem 2 years ago

Is there an alternative way to avoid the automatic merging of raster maps that are placed into a folder under Locus' maps directory other than placing each map into its own folder before moving it into a region's folder?

Over the years, I have built up a large database of raster maps for use in Locus. I have them organized in folders by region. I am trying to install this database in the SD card of a new Android 11 phone. Since linking to a non-private directory is not supported for Android 11, I set Locus's default maps directory to the "Private folder on SD card". I then copied a backup copy of the map folder structure from my previous phone to this directory using a USB cable.

What I found was that when I started Locus, it merged all the maps within each folder into what it presented as a single map. This is not what I want since each region has an assortment of satellite images, topographic maps, and other specialized maps. When I attempted to load these merged maps, what I got at best was a display with a mosaic of different map styles. Some of the merged maps were so large that Locus (or my new phone?) couldn't handle it.

I did verify that I could suppress the merging for one region's folder by creating a folder for each map within that folder and then moving each map into its own folder. However, this is a very tedious task. I am not looking forward to doing it for my entire existing database and any new map files I download.

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That did it thank you very much!


You may consider this ticket closed.  I did send an e-mail that said "That did it thank you very much!" to the e-mailed response I received "


you can try to add "_split" suffix to the folders you want to keep as a separate maps.

For example name the folder "MyMaps_split".

It should help.


Zdenek, Locus team


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