Selectively LARGE custom icons for POI

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Hi all

the search for "icon size" results in tons of topics - but I couldn't find the answer to my "problem" in the first few hits:

I made a custom Icon pack as described in the docs!

What I need is a LARGE icon, one that is much bigger in size as all the other icons. I know, I can increase the icon size in Settings > Points & Tracks > Point Icon Size by a percentage. But this will scale ALL icons.

I need a LARGE icon for a given POI - why?

During downhill or on my dirtbike the default icon sizes are too small as the handle bar is shaking. It would be useful to have selectivly BIG icons to mark a POVVVI (point of very very very interest).

I made 2 custom icons "junction ahead" and "danger" with size 250px - but they are displayed in the same size as all the other (custom 48px) icons. So that approach does not work. the documentation states "We suggest sizes around 32x32px or 48x48px" so I thought, 250px would be bigger ...

Map zooming obviously does not zoom the icons.

Is there a workaround for my problem?

thank you

SiS @v3.61

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you can add a suffix "_sX.X" to the icon file name that tells Locus to resize it separately.

For example "icon_s2.0.png" will be the double size. You can use for scale range of numbers from "0.5" to "10.0".


Zdenek, Locus team


Thanks, that worked perfectly!

For anybody else: if you already use the file name suffix "_hscc" ensure "_hscc" is the latest suffix: "icon_hscc_s2.0.png" ignores the hscc (hot spot center center) attribute. In my case only "icon_s2.0_hscc.png" worked.


Are there any other undocumented icon file name suffixes?

The document does not list _sX.X as possible suffixes!

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