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LoMap add wetland=saltmash tag?

Karl Chick shared this idea 22 months ago

I've been working on updating my OS Map theme for LoMaps having improved the OAM version, and discovered that wetland=saltmarsh is not part of the lomap tag mapping. Lomaps currently support the following values for wetlands:






when OSM defines the wetland=saltmarsh, LoMaps only has natural=wetland and no wetland value set. This makes is impossible to define a different colour/texture for saltmarshes when using semi-transparent fills...

It is curious that wetland=fen is included in LoMaps when there are only 9,408 instances compared to the 18,711 instances of wetland=saltmarsh.

Would it be possible to include wetland=saltmarsh into the LoMap tag mapping?

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Thank you for the idea. You're right I think we simply forgot about these areas. Wetland=saltmarsh will be available in the next version of LoMaps (should be released in the first two August weeks) We also added warland="reedbed|wet_meadow"

Thanks, Petr

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