LoMap add tidal=yes tag?

Karl Chick shared this idea 6 months ago
Gathering feedback

I've been working on updating my OS Map theme for LoMaps having improved the OAM version, and discovered that LoMaps do not include the tidal=yes tag as part of its tag-mapping.

Many footpaths (at least around the UK, maybe other countries too?) cross areas that are tagged as tidal=yes or the highways (roads, paths etc) are tagged as tidal=yes -- hence these are footpaths that are only accessible at low tide.

In the OAM theme I have been able to indicate where footpaths that are tidal, useful information to people planning a route.

Tidal=yes, has also proved useful for distinguishing between natural=wetland area that are probably tidal/coastal vs inland wetlands where no wetland=<value> has been set.

Currently both these uses are impossible with LoMaps.

There are 82,131 elements in OSM that use the tidal tag.

Would it be possible to add tidal=yes tag-mapping for LoMaps?

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