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LM4 License could not be initalized shared this problem 20 months ago
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I have (an active) silver abo longer than a year but I haven't installed LM4 because of the dimming display in full sun.

Now I solved this problem with a system setting ... and installed LM4 (beta) again.

Transfer of data from LM3 to 4 has worked ... but my abo licence isn't 'activated'.

I see advertising and can't use silver functionality ...

When I tap the licence button ... Locus says: you have a silver abo and starts an initalizing process which never ends.

How could my licence be activated?

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license is bonded to the Locus Store account. So you only have to log into the Locus store with the same account as originally.


Zdenek, Locus team


Oh, thanks.

I worked with a different account GoogleMainAccount/LocusStore ... so I had to switch from one to the other.

Now it works.

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