Route by QR code

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Route as QR code.

10820d628b4fc7393dcac6ac32a37f0d- Succesfull by gpx Viewer.

- A Failure by Locus.

Is it supposed to work with Locus or not ?

Route by QR code

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Hello Willy,

your QR code contains this link. When tapping on it in Android phone, system download a file correctly and display screen where you may choose, which app should handle downloaded file. When I choose Locus Map, it correctly import/display the route.

So what exactly does not work with the Locus Map app?

Jiří M. aka Menion


Roger, so I tested by another QR app

The result was identical. Locus indeed did only display a single point thousand km away.

So I found a remarkable difference ;-)

For the gpx viewer app. In the QR app you simply tap "share" with the gpx viewer and a direct import succes.

For Locus map: First must tap "open in browser", download the gpx, and than open this gpx in Locus map.

- Notice the different behaviour between the both apps in the youtube video shown above.


Hi Willy,

I missed your video when I was reading this post for the first time, sorry.

I understand and see a different behavior now. Locus Map indeed refuses to directly download content from the "unknown" URL address and instead tries to get info from the URL itself. And here comes the result: a single point parsed directly from the URL.

I've just created an exception for BRouter web so it will work correctly now. Give a try in the next app version (3.63+, 4.12+), thanks.

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