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POI search drinking water / spring

Air7 shared this question 13 months ago

Hi, I am a longtime (early...) and frequent (almost daily) user of Locus.

Most things I manage, if not the help search function usually solves it.

For a few weeks now I am struggling with the search functionality for POIs - when I am in a new area and want to display all sources of drinking water / springs around me. I think it is a critical use case for hiking and MTB, this is why I ask now (after long hesitation, believe me...)

LoMaps Offline (Germany) contains this data and so do many OSM maps. But I cant figure out a good way to display them...

I tried all different search functionalities including the one in LoPoints, with mixed but never really useful results. Like gas-station search on Google Maps, I was hoping to be able to display all drinking water sources around me in a certain radius. Is it possible... (display, not list) ??

Thank you for your help ;-)

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If you're looking for natural springs, select the "spring" category (Nature > Spring):


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there are two ways:

1) browsing offline LoPoints:

- menu > all features > points > LoPoints offline > select state > select "drinking water" category

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- tap the map button on the topbar - 100 nearest drinking spots appear on the map


2) searching offline places:

- tap the search button on the bottom panel (or in the menu)

- select "Offline places" in the search mode selection


- insert name of the spring - this kind of search searches names not categories

For your use case, I'd prefer the first method.


Hallo Michal,

thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

However, it confirms my suspicion, that there is not really a solution.

I had tried the "Driniking water" option in LoPoints, but this one is unfortunately reduced to display water faucets, like in schools, monastries, infrastructure in general.

There is no way to display the the natural springs as in my screenshot. And as you say, looking for an actual name, is first of all impossible if you are in a foreign country and does not produce group results, so you can plan your rout around the drinking water sources.

Which leaves us to "scrolling" and hoping for the correct zoom, when you are on a new mountain or a new forest. There might be a high quality spring just 100 m next to you and you're passing right by it.

What a shame, since the data is already in the map...

Any other ideas ?


And why not display offline "spring" points ?


If you're looking for natural springs, select the "spring" category (Nature > Spring):




thank you so much, it makes a world of difference.

am a bit embarrassed that I failed to find "spring" under "nature" but then I hope maybe it also helps other people out there to make it easier to locate drinking water.

thank you

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