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Cache popup is sometimes black

Jan-Gerard van der Toorn shared this problem 13 months ago
Not a Problem

Sometimes the geocache popup (that appears when you click on a cache on the map) has a black backend (and black text), so it's unreadable. If I long-press it, it turns a bit gray, showing some text, do the text is there, but the colours are wrong. 1st time after starting the app, it works normal, but after that, this occurs.

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are you using system dark mode?

In some cases (especially for Chinese manufacturers) the dark mode is very aggressive and recolors some elements badly.

Zdenek, Locus team


Yes, I am using system dark mode. But no Chinese stuff as far as I know. But not many apps use that dark mode, I noticed. And I found it most remarkable that the first cache displays correctly, but subsequent don't. Not a big problem notre I know how to solve it.

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