LoPoint und Adresse stimmt nicht immer.

Richard Ruhland shared this problem 15 months ago
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beim Ergänzen der LoPoints mit Fotos ist mir aufgefallen dass manche

Adressen (z.B Straßenname oder Fotos zu den LoPoints nicht stimmen.

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I think the address is pulled from OSM ? You have to maintain it there.

Wrong pictures, I think you can report it in the app.

OSM data you can change on the phone with the app OSMgo. You can put the app in Locus in the right sidebar.


Or in the browser, I change a lot there.


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Hi all. In terms of the photos: Someone attached (mapped in the OSM database) Wikipedia data of the castle to the castle chapel. This is wrong but the only way how to fix it properly is indeed fix OSM database. Radim


Dear Richard,

I apologize for the address problem, but could I kindly ask you to send us the correct address of this place, please? Or some other example of a place with the wrong address and again with the correct value, please?

Thanks, Petr

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