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Ajay shared this idea 19 months ago
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Currently Locus shows a random selection of place names (on certain zoom levels) and other names are not shown. The implementation is by no means logical since often the names of a larger city is removed, while the names of their suburbs are still shown after zooming out (try Grenoble in the Locus map for an example).

I would find it extremely helpful if Locus Maps had a "declutter" function, similar to what Garmin handheld GPS devices have had for at least 15 years. Here is how it works:

- declutter off, all names of cities, towns, and villages are shown (on some zoom level),

- declutter level 1 : names of villages are no longer shown

- declutter level 2 : names of towns are no longer shown

- declutter level 3 : names of small cities are no longer shown

etc etc

The function can be applied as well to names of rivers, mountains, or other features. Whether the user can configure it to some degree or not is a matter of the effort programming it.

Thanks for your attention !

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Have you tried OpenAndroMaps, version 5? As I understand, Locus has two renderers built-in: an optimized but older one for LoMaps, and a newer one for other vector maps such as OAM. Label rendering is the single main reason I use OAM; bugs were fixed in the newer renderer which is used for OAM. Specifically, city labels show more consistently, and curved labels are possible (rather than just not drawn) which is essential for meandering rivers and trails.

I don't understand why LoMaps still use the old renderer...


Overdue - since 2 years at least.


Hi guys,

this is an old topic & old problem. We were discussing this a few weeks ago (again). It is not as easy task as it may look and from the performance side, the old renderer is still a little faster and offer a few very interesting graphics features that are missing in the new version.

Anyway, I was spending a few hours yesterday on the old system with try to make labels work correctly and it is also quite complex task.

I'll discuss it with my colleague @Petr Voldan next week. It is a hot topic for us now, so some required changes will come for sure.

Thanks for understanding.


Hmm, what are the killer features of LoMaps renderer? I do not recall.

The old renderer could turn out like the attempt to optimize code for Intel 386 series - in 2022 ...

Just my 2c.

Good luck in the upcoming discussions.


Do not consider an old renderer as something outdated compared to the MF V4. I spend on various tweaks and optimizations maybe more time than Emux on creating V4 system. Anyway, I think that instead of investing time to improve our V3 system, more benefits will be using V4 and contributing improvements directly to the official public MF V4 repository. That's currently my biggest motivation (of course next to solving this stupid issue with labels).



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