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Locus Pro migration from Android 10 to Android 12 phone

Rainer Hoja-Heldmann shared this problem 12 months ago
Not a Problem

I uploaded a backup file from my old phone Android 10 (all data) and now try to download this backup to my new phone (Android 12).

I see the following structure:

  • Settings
  • Point & Tracks
  • Default settings
  • Designs
  • Themes for maps

but no "Maps".

Nevertheless if I choose "restore" all seems fine and I have to restart Locus Pro. After starting Locus Pro once more the troule starts :(

A screen says "App data in not supported directory"

If I choose "Change directory" I find myself with the directories


  • auto


  • customScreen

Neither of this directories will work.

I'm wondering which Destination Directory (name) I should create to restore my data from the old phone - including all the maps which I downloaded in the past as well from Locus store as from OSM.

Sorry if I'm too stupid to solve this myself but I couldn't find a proper instruction.

Thanks in advance, Rainer

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Hi Rainer,

1. the old phone

Make a backup of Locus main directory

  • open a file manager (Total Commander, Solid Explorer, Xplore etc.) and find /Locus/ directory

  • zip it as e.g. “” file (optionally)

  • send it to some cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)

2. the new phone

  • install the latest version of Locus Map to the new device

  • download the zip file with /Locus/ directory from Dropbox or Google Drive and copy its content (unzip it) to the "Android/download" directory

  • go to Locus settings > miscellaneous > default directories > load app data

  • select the“download” directory and confirm

  • restart Locus Map (it'll probably restart itself)


Hi Michal,

Thx for your Response though still the same Remark "... not the right folder... "

I'm tired of this and downloade everything (maps, Caches ond brouter files) "by hand"


you should be able to access all folders with the PC.


Hi Rainer,

if the message emerges when you select /Android/Download/ directory, then unpack the zip file into a new directory Android/Download/Locus_data and select it after the "load app data" command.

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