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Smartffone sync with Garmin watch

Marian Hostačný shared this question 17 months ago

Hello, I purchsed for my smart phone Locus Map 4 outdoor Gold. Now i purchsed Garmin smart watch. Is it possible to sync the Locus application I already have with the watch?

Thanks for answer


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Hi Marian,

if you have Garmin watch which supports downloading track to internal memory, you can use Locus Map For Garmin addon to easily move tracks from your phone to your Garmin one by one. Please see:
for more info and features.


Dear mr. Čapek, I instaled app Locus for Garmin into my phone and into watches. Its cooperating with phone but didnt manage to me to dowloat into wathces the locus maps. Could you help me?

Thanks, Marian


Hi Marian, do you mean you didn't managed to install the app to the watches or failed to import track? To install app to the Garmin watch, please head there: as noted in manual linked before. As for the track import, that depends on your Garmin watch model - please see compatibility table also on previously provided link to user manual.


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