Info when tapping on a track point: Locus Classic vs Locus Map 4

Hilbert Setter shared this question 10 days ago


in Locus Maps Pro Classic 3.62.1 when I tap on a track point I get some very useful info, which - if I understand right - are the following ones:
(1) Number of that point in the track
(2) Distance from the origin of the track to the selected point
(3) Distance from the selected point to the end of the track
(4) Altitude of the point
(5) Altitude difference uphill from the selected point to the end of the track
(6) Altitude difference downhill from the selected point to the end of the track

I find this info very valuable, and I often use them outdoor, especially (2) and (3).
For example, by simply tapping on two points on the track and making a simple difference, I can get the distance between those points along the track.
If the first point is my current location and the second one is a fork, I can easily answer the recurrent question from my trip companions: "How long further till we turn left?"

This useful info is also available on the old free Locus Map 3 Basic.

In Locus Map 4.11.1 when I tap a track point I just get some info about the whole track, such as its length and altitude difference, but this is not specific to that point: the info I get are the same for any point of the track.

Is there a way to configure Locus Map 4 so that when I tap a point on a track I get the same info as in Locus Classic / Locus Map Basic? If it is possible, is a subscription required to do this?



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When tapping the track, a window opens. There is an information box at the bottom left. Click on this and now you have your information. It's one more click.


Thanks a lot freischneider !

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