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Dawid Respondek shared this question 8 days ago


I have some script's to download my planed route from Strava/Komoot, and right now I'm wondering if there is possibility to automatically upload this GPX(planed route) to Locus Planned collection? API for web planner?

Or maybe is there some way to automatically import GPX from onedrive/dropbox etc. Cause right now I must run "Import" wizard, and then import gpx file from this service, maybe is there some option to automate this task, ex. import any new file automatically from some provided dir.

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Hi Dawid,

thank you for your question. Currently, we do not provide any public API that you could use for this. As you have already mentioned, there is REST web planner API that you could use but it is intended for use with web planner. For that reason we do not provide docs or support. Main problem for writing script (as I see it) is that you need Firebase idToken for authenticating with our backend and this token has lifetime of only 60 minutes :/. Also endpoints are done to serve UI thus import is in split into 2 phases (2 requests):

- analyze

- import of selected items from the previous analysis

Could you explain your motivation of writing this export/import in more detail? E.g. why do you plan using Strava/Komoot instead of using web planner or LM app? Why do you use Locus in terrain instead of Strava/Komoot? I am trying to understand your motivation in order to improve our services :). Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Kind regards,




Thanks for Yours answer.

I'm working as DevOps, so I want to write this script just for training/learning new thing, and to make live easier :D

If I plan some track from begin I use Yours web planer, it's ok in that situation, but sometime I see some interesting track nearby published on Komoot "discover" feed, In that situation this import will be useful, similar case is for Strava.

I use LocusApp for navigation, cause I rely like provided possibility to define own Dashboards, using that function I have all data which I need on-screen.


One of the things missing in locus that some other apps like strava, viewranger and otehrs have is teh docovery feature, it would be good if locus could tap in to some more sources, perhaps a gold feature.

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