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Nawigation & presets

Waldemar Wawoczny shared this problem 12 months ago

Settings >> Navigation >> option: connect to presets
it has connections to me as in the picture Nawigacja_Locus_U01.jpg.
Unfortunately, this option is not active (even if I leave the Cycling preset) - please look at the picture Nawigacja_Locus_2.jpg
Even if I choose from the list (pic. Nawigacja_Locus_2.jpg, item 1) Cycling, the next time I navigate it will be >> Off.

For Fig. Nawigacja_Locus_U01.jpg the option would be useful:
Start recording with navigation (checkbox)

Waldemar W.

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preset is set by the "route type", which is defined in the planner. If the route is recorded or imported from somewhere, this information is missing. That's why in some routes it doesn't apply the predefined preset.

But there is also the "type of activity" which could be set and it is possible to take it into the count too. In that case, more routes will reflect the settings correctly.

It will take some time to implement this, but we created the task already. It should be available in some of the next updates.

Thank you for the feedback.

Have a nice day.

Zdenek, Locus team

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